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In this post, you will play HP Gk Quiz a part of  HP Gk online test for all Himachal Pradesh competitive exam. ( KCC Bank Exam, HP Patwari Exam, Cooperative Bank Exam, HP TET, High Court Exam, HP Police Exam, and All HPSSSB Exams.)

Himachal Gk

HP GK Objective Question Answer

Qn1. When was Himachal Pradesh established?
March 1971
April 1971
January 1971
November 1971
True: 25 January 1971
Qn2. How many states of India touch border of Himachal Pradesh?
3 States
4 States
5 States
6 States
True: 4 States.
Jammu and Kashmir on North, Punjab on West and South West, Haryana on Southand Uttrakhand on South East.
Qn3. Himachal day celebrated on which date?
25 January
15 August
15 April
1 November
True: 15 April
The First Himachal Day was held on 15 April 1948 and after that, it was held on the same day every year.
Qn4. How many districts in Himachal Pradesh?
True: 12 Districts
Bilaspur, Chamba, Hamirpur, Kangra, Kinnor, Kullu, Lahaul Spiti, Mandi, Shimla, Solan, Sirmour and Una.
Qn5. How many Sub Division in Himachal Pradesh?
True: 62
In Himachal Pradesh, there is 62 total number of sub divisions. 
Qn6. Total Number of Tehsils in Himachal Pradesh?
True: 144
In Himachal Pradesh, total numbers of Tehsils is 144.
Qn7. Total Number of Assembly Seats in Himachal Pradesh?
True: 68
In Himachal Pradesh, 68 seats in Legislative Assembly.
And first Speaker of Vidhansabha was Pandit Jaiwant Ram.
Qn8. How many Rajay Sabha seats in Himachal Pradesh?
5 Seats
4 Seats
2 Seats
3 Seats
True: 3 Seats
In Himachal Pradesh, there are 3 seats in Rajya Sabha.

Qn9. How many Lok Sabha Seats in Himachal Pradesh?
5 Seats
6 Seats
4 Seats
3 Seats
True: 4 Seats
In Himachal Pradesh, these are 4 seats in Lok Sabha.
Qn10. According to census 2011 population of Himachal Pradesh?
True: 68,64602
According to the census, 2011 total population of Himachal Pradesh is 68,64602. In which there are numbers of males are 34,81873 and numbers of females are 33,82729.
Qn11. What is a sex ratio of Himachal Pradesh?
True: 972
Sex ratio means there are 972 women behind every 1000 men.
Qn12. First Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh?
Justice Mirza Hameedullah Beg
Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan
Justice Mansoor Ahmad Mir
Justice TS Thakur
True: Justice Mirza Hameedullah Beg.
Qn13. The literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh?
True: 82.80%
In Himachal Pradesh, 82.80% of total populations are educated.
Qn14. First Chief commissioner of Himachal Pradesh?
EP Moon
NC Mehta
Shri S Chakravarti
Lord Elgin
True: NC Mehta
On First April 1954 Bilaspur merged with Himachal Pradesh having its Headquarter at Shimla. The head was the Chief Commissioner. The First Chief Commissioner was Mr N. C. Mehta.
Qn15. First Deputy Chief Commissioner of Himachal Pradesh?
Shri S Chakravarti
Lord Elgin
E Pedral Moon
Leela Seth
True: E Pedral Moon
E Pedral Moon was first Deputy Chief Commissioner of Himachal Pradesh.
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